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Nocturnal enuresis, urinary incontinence, children´s enuresis, treatment

What is children´s urinary incontinence?

Nocturnal enuresis

What is children´s urinary incontinence? The cause of children´s urinary incontinence during nocturnal enuresissleep is disorder of neurohumoral regulation of urinary bladder function. As a result reservoir function of urinary bladder is disturbed due to partial loss of detruzor ability to active adaptation, rise of urination reflex threshold and associated insufficiency of pelvis fundus muscles development.

The symptoms of children´s nocturnal enuresis

The main symptoms of nocturnal urinary incontinence are deep sleep, involuntary urination in 3-4 hours after falling asleep (sometimes repeatedly during night) and emotional instability. Enuresis is often conditioned by hereditary burden. Secondary enuresis may be caused not only by having diseases influence but also by psychotrauma factors.

Children´s nocturnal enuresis, treatment in the world, in Russia, in Saratov

The clinic ´´Private Medical Practice´´ (Russia, Saratov) offers complex approach in the treatment of children´s nocturnal enuresis, adults´ urinary incontinence. The therapy results in cortex function recovery and conditioned urination reflex restoration, it helps to standardize agitation and inhibition processes in the central nervous system. All methods of treatment are painless and well-tolerated by children.

My child pisses at night – what should I do? How can I help my child to stop pissing during night sleep? Why does my child piss at night during sleep?

The specialists of Sarclinic often get questions: - What have I to do if my child pisses during night sleep? – I piss at night. Can you help me? – The child of 5 year old pisses at night… - The boy of 6 year old pisses at night… - Why does my kid piss at night? – A teenager pisses at night, an adult pisses at night: is it a disease? – When will my child stop pissing at night sleep?

We answer: If your child pisses at night sleep (has involuntary urination during sleep) you should not waste time and you have to go to a doctor. We advise you to consult our specialists at Sarclinic ´´Private Medical Practice´´ (Russia, Saratov). Dear parents, do not postpone your consultation with a specialist because lingering enuresis results in decrease of treatment effectiveness aggravating the situation.

We know how to treat and cure children´s enuresis and adults´ urinary incontinence.

You can make an appointment with the doctor calling the registry (+7 8452) 606060. Our address: Russia, Saratov, Moscow Street, 152.
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